Friday, April 24, 2009


I am learning iWeb (very cool and simple) and I will be posting my blogs to another location soon. I need to simplify my life as all this web stuff can be a full time job! So I will figure out how to tap into this blogger network while only having to do an update once and send it out to this site if possible. If not, oh well, see ya!

Will most likely be at


Monday, April 13, 2009

OK let's get something straight from the get-go: My real name IS Ben Frank. I know people that joke around and ask me for my real name, after I already introduced myself. Is it really that hard to believe? Come on maing.

One of my assignments was to bust out a ridiculous Ben Franklin joint for a big chain store. He originally had a blunt with a nice lil cherry on it. Of course they nixed it early but I got that version laying around somewhere. Or not.

Still had fun tho.

OK once again!

Years ago, I joined Blogger to mess around. It was called "Holy Shit! Where do we hide the body?" then I figured blogging was for suckas and then I bounced out of the blogosphere for years. Well, now I am giving it a second try. And if I find out it's still for suckas, Imma bounce again! LOL!